Saturday, November 8, 2008

Your Definately Not A Good Speller

This is going to be short and sour. I realize the American education system is substandard and only slightly better in the rankings than the schools in Antarctica but you and you’re should not be confused.

YOUR – Pronoun. Possessive case of the pronoun YOU.

So if YOU possess an ounce of education you will not use it in place of the contraction YOU’RE

Examples of incorrect usage:
Your really pissing me off.
Your an idiot.
Your retarded.
Your quite the wordsmith.

Examples of correct usage:
Billy Ray this is YOUR vase. These are YOUR things.
Your blog is didactic and your tone is offensive.
Pardon, pardon but your dog is pissing on my shoe.

YOU’RE – a contraction of YOU ARE 
This is for lazy people who would rather not hit the space bar and then an A and for people who just really despise the letter A and want to see it in as few words as possible.

Examples of incorrect usage:
You’re tennis balls are lovely.
You’re llama has fine fur.
You’re ancestors spit on my haircut.

Examples of correct usage:
You’re the goods.
You’re the Duke of New York hey number one.
You’re quite possibly the greatest blogger in history.

The fly in the ointment:
UR – text message shortcut that can be used for YOUR and YOU’RE.
This two letter super word may be the future of the English language. Linguists cannot give it their seal of approval due to the fear of being ostracized by their peers but one day I think it is going to win the war.
If you use UR you can cleverly avoid the pitfalls of incorrectly using your or you’re.

I hope this has been a fun learning experience and one last thing….

Definately is spelled DEFINITELY. There’s no A in it so this should be good news for the people that hate the letter A.

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