Friday, October 24, 2008

New Orleans

New Orleans! The jewel of the Mississippi. Fought over, bought and sold by legendary politicians and despots. It's the birthplace of Jazz (that's that sometimes obnoxious musical form we all pretend to like) and the home of a famous vampire.
New Orleans is called the Crescent City by residents but there is another nickname borne of bad novels and subsequent media creativity. That name is The Big Easy.

The city, by many accounts, is crime-ridden, corrupt, water logged and decimated by nature, poverty-stricken and thus the population has dwindled. Life there doesn't seem very easy. I am certainly no expert on the matter and have never been there due to my morbid fear of the swung triplet feel and Voodoo but I feel The Big Easy no longer applies to this place. A more apt name is The Big Difficult. New Orleans either needs to go back to being the Crescent City, which I feel is potentially divisive due to the fact that a crescent image stokes fear in Islamophobes and Selenophobes everywhere, or get a new nickname.

The campaign to stop calling New Orleans the Big Easy starts now. We must protect the misguided tourists, beatniks, wanderlusters, musicians, gypsies, medicine men and bedouins that might end up gravitating towards this mystical land thinking it's easy to live there.

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